Huxley Anne will self-release the FIGS EP later this month. 

FIGS uses a variety of sonic canvases to explore the core themes of human experience. It was recorded in windows between tours, and is the US artist’s first solo release since 2017’s Ilium on Dome Of Doom. She also contributed a track to the first edition of XLR8Rplus last year. 

The four tracks explore different terrains musically, touching on aggressive bass, soulful hip-hop, trap, and also lyrical content. 

Opener “Fury” ushers the record into a celestial world, picking up the surrealistic and darkened soundscapes that defined Ilium. The track finds Huxley Anne spacing out each section with wordless vocal layers. “Shame” takes the EP into its most unhinged terrain, with saturated synth lines and a surreal breakdown that dissipates the intensity and shifts the mood. EP closer “Agarwood” blends electric guitar loops, lush sweeping drum patterns, and echo-laced flute. 

The launch of FIGS is preceded by the single release of “Boy, No,” a futuristic R&B track featuring HEZEN, whom Huxley met in the summer of 2018 during her tour with Ivy Lab. “It’s a song of empowerment,” she says. “It’s a song reclaiming identity as a source of artistic freedom, it’s a song about choosing to love yourself.” 


01. Fury

02. Shame

03. Boy, No (feat. HEZEN)

04. Agarwood

FIGS EP lands July 12, with “Boy, No” (feat. HEZEN) streaming in full below, and order here.