Hype Williams is not the electronic side-project of the well-known music video director of the same name but actually a mysteriously elusive “Anglo-Russian” duo that has been building a reputation with their brand of lo-fi dub/avant-pop/beat music over the last year. Now the duo has officially announced that a new LP, One Nation, will be released March 15 via the Hippos In Tanks imprint. Not much info is available on the upcoming release other than an extremely vague memo from the group to its label and an accompanying incomprehensible promo video. What can we decipher from these messages? Not much, except that they seem to be rather fond of pot and were most likely really high while making the 13 tracks that make up their new LP. For now, we’ll have to scratch our heads and wait for whatever they’ve got planned next. One Nation‘s tracklist, some extremely-hard-to-see album art, and a video for “Rescue Dawn” from their 2010 LP, Find Out What Happens When People Stop Being Polite, and Start Gettin Reel, can be found below.

1. ital
2. untitled
3. william, shotgun sprayer
4. businessline
5. warlord
6. dragon stout
7. homegrown
8. your girl smells chung when she wears dior
9. unfaithful
11. jah
12. break4love
13. untitled (and your batty’s so round)