Originally released in 2004 on the Rephlex label (the label co-founded by Aphex Twin), Kerrier District’s debut has long since gone down as a classic album, a kaleidoscopic ride through disco, funk and MPC beats. The mastermind of Luke Vibert, the Cornish acid pioneer and grand exponent of mischievous electronic sounds under a variety of guises (including Plug, Wagon Christ and Amen Andrews), the Kerrier District debut has long been out of print and circulation.

Following 2015’s successful re-entry on Hypercolour, with the critically acclaimed album 4, the label will re-master and re-issue this landmark release. Faithfully re-creating the original 3LP vinyl set, and re-issuing on CD and digital alongside a bonus disc/tracks that feature the second Kerrier District EP (2, originally released in 2006).

Kerrier District (Re-Mastered) is scheduled for April 29 release.

3×12″ Tracklist:
A1. Let’s Dance And Freak
A2. Silhouettes
B1. Illogan
C1. Disclix
C2. Disco Bus
D1. New York
E1. Yesco
E2. Negresco
F1. Wide Vice
F2. Squaredance

CD/ Digital version contains a bonus disc of Kerrier District 2 (with a digital code included within the 3×12″)