Hyperdub will release the debut album of Mana. 

Mana is the alias of Daniele Mana, formerly known as Vaghe Stelle, with releases on Other People, Danse Noire, and Gang Of Ducks. His 2017 debut EP for Hyperdub, Creature, was a taut, evocative suite of beatless, almost neo-classical electronics, and since then his music has “caught an alien virus and started hallucinating,” the label explains. On Seven Steps Behind, the borders between reality and the weird have collapsed on each other, and with each listen through its zigzagging course, you’re rewarded by its strange twists and turns.

We’re told to expect an electronic album that doesn’t always sound electronic; a great deal of the record has been created to sound like prepared pianos, harpsichords, cellos, and flutes. At other times, sampled acoustic instruments and specially recorded sessions have been processed through software and careful editing. Mana’s singing voice also makes its debut here albeit adorned by abrasive effects. 


01. Risk Taking 

02. Myopia For The Future 

03. Talking : Choking feat. Yendry 

04. A Note To The Limits 

05. Swordsmanship 

06. Leverage For Survival 

07. Symphony Of Regulation 

08. Solo 

09. No Body 

10. Instinction 

11. Soaking In Water 

12. Seven Steps Behind 

Seven Steps Behind lands on April 5, with “Solo” streaming below.