22-year-old East London funky producer Ossie is poised to drop his second release, entitled Set the Tone, on Hyperdub. This three-track EP, which follows up Ossie’s debut, Tarantula, on Lightworks, is a collection of jazzy, percussive, funky tunes that bring all sorts of styles into the fold. The title track bounces between Rhodes melodies tucked neatly behind R&B vocals, which are propelled by the underlying rolling percussion. “The Power of Love” follows suit, as clip-clop drums drive the track forward, while synths swell and rise under an androgynous vocal hook. The EP’s final track, “Moves,” demonstrates the young producer’s ability to shift tempo and style, moving at a slower pace while maintaining the energy. Set the Tone drops June 20, but you can check out the tracklist and artwork below.

1. Set the Tone
2. The Power of Love
3. Moves