Hyperdub will soon release four Kode9—real name Steve Goodman—remixes of tracks taken from Diggin in the Carts, a 2017 compilation put together by Nick Dwyer and Kode9 of pioneering Japanese video game music from the ’80s and ’90s. 

Since this initial release, Kode9 has been touring a live A/V set in collaboration with visuals from animé legend Koji Morimoto, who also designed the artwork for the original compilation.

On this first Kode9 EP for several years, a handful of these remixes see the light of day. Koze 9 rivets his 80/160bpm rhythms onto these classic 8-bit and 16-bit melodies, re-animating the Steve Reichian arpeggios of Soshi Hosoi, the grime-like horn fanfares of Yuzo Koshiro, the sour pads of Koichi Ishaibashi, and pitching Tadahiro Nitta down into a slow building, frantic low-end grind.

The release comes sleeved in artwork by Konx-on-Pax, adapted from the visuals from the A/V performance.


A1. Soshi Hosoi “Mister Diviner” (The Mahjong Touhaiden) Kode9 Remix

A2. Koichi Ishibashi “Bad Data” (Dezaemon) Kode9 Remix

B1. Yuzo Koshiro “Temple” (Actraiser) Kode9 Remix

B2. Tadahiro Nitta “An-Un” [Ominous Clouds] (Xak II) Kode9 Remix

Diggin in the Carts Kode9 Remixes lands May 3 via Hyperdub, with “Bad Data [Dezaemon]” Kode9 remix streaming below.