Hyperdub will release the debut album of Okzharp and Manthe Ribane this summer, titled Closer Apart—landing on July 6.

Manthe Ribane and Okzharp hail from South Africa, where Manthe still resides. Okzharp now lives in the London where operates as a DJ-producer. He cut his teeth in the band LV, one of the first acts to sign to Hyperdub.

The recording started on tour, in their audiovisual collaborator Chris Saunders’ Paris studio. Okzharp describes Manthe as a co-producer: “She selected instrumental sketches and we developed them together, sometimes just keeping the bare bones or a melody or rhythm, or trying different elements or sounds. In tandem.” Chris worked with Manthe on developing a visual identity, feeding back into the music, for the live show but also for the audio-visual elements of their work, which will come around the album.

We’re told that the EP has a “softness and openness” that contrasts the tougher sound of their previous EPs.

The release follows Proc Fiskal LP, which lands on June 6.


01. W U @
02. Make U Blue
03. Why U In My Way
04. Zagga
05. Never Say Never
06. Never Thought
07. Blue Tigers
08. Time Machine
09. Tide
10. Kubona
11. Theletsa
12. Dun
13. Treasure Erasure

Closer Apart LP will land on July 6, with “Dun” streaming below.