Nazar will release a debut EP Hyperdub, titled Enclave

The Angolan producer recently had his “Konvoy” track featured in Burial and Kode9’s Fabriclive 100 mix, and completes the EP with five other unreleased works. 

We’re told that the EP sees Nazar explore themes of his country’s “hope, resilience, and pride” in the wake of the 27-year-long Angolan Civil War. After moving back to his motherland from Belgium, where he lived for 14 years, he set about getting to know his origins and aimed to “express [his] frustrations with what [he] seeing on a daily basis” through music. 

Sonically, the EP blends his personal style with the country’s kuduro sounds—”rough kuduro,” as he calls it. 


01. South Border

02. Warning Shots

03. Airstrike [feat. Shannen SP]

04. Enclave

05. Konvoy

06. Ceasefire

Enclave will land on November 16, with previews below.