Photo: Dorothy Dee

Aya Sinclair, better known as AYA, will put out her debut album on Hyperdub in October.

im hole follows recent appearances on the likes of Local Action (with Air Max ’97 as A2A), Houndstooth, and Allergy Season, and we’re told that it “throws open the curtains” to the British experimental artist. Expect “me. More,” Sinclair says.

Now, contorting language, dialect, gender, and sexuality between intermittently controlled bursts of noise and “aural goop,” she has sculpted a set of 11 “autobiographical vignettes” that “challenge established norms, question supposed truths, and affirm a spectrum of interlocking experiences,” we’re told.

The release also lands physically as a hardback book of lyrics, poems, and photographs, designed in collaboration with Oliver Van Der Lugt (a.k.a Air Max ’97). It’s the first time Hyperdub has released an album in this format.

Sinclair started out playing drums when she was about six years old, and then guitar and piano a couple years later. Through her former LOFT pseudonym, with releases on Tri Angle and Astral Plane, she has become known for forward-thinking club inversions founded on breaks and bass. She’s DJed at Manchester’s boygirl parties and performed live at Poland’s Unsound.


01. somewhere between the 8th and 9th floor
02. what if i should fall asleep and slipp under
03. once wen’t west
04. dis yacky
05. OoBros Prosthesis
06. the only solution i have found is to simply jump higher
07. still i taste the air
08. Emley lights us moor (feat. Iceboy Violet)
09. tailwind
10. If [redacted] Thinks He’s Having This As A Remix He Can Frankly Do One
11. backsliding

im hole is scheduled for October 22 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Emley lights us moor” featuring Iceboy Violet in full below and pre-order here.