I Love Acid has a new compilation on the way.

Launched as a London-based party series by Luke Vibert and Posthuman back in 2007, the I Love Acid banner has since grown and extended into a record label (established 2014), maintaining a focus on the classic 303 acid sound. In celebration of it turning 10 years old, the label heads have put together a 20-track compilation. Aside from their own contributions, they call on the likes of B12, Jared Wilson, Neville Watson, TB Arthur, John Heckle, and Mystic Bill amongst others.

Ten Years Of I Love Acid will be released March 31.


01. Neville Watson “Sweatbox”
02. Posthuman “Brand Loyalty”
03. Mike Dunn “No Chaser”
04. XXXY “Blup Blup”
05. TB Arthur “TB1 B1”
06. Mystic Bill “Revenge Of The Preacherman”
07. Cardopusher “Out On A Limb”
08. Hardfloor “36 Chambers Of Kikumoto”
09. dyLab “Let Us Rise”
10. Kerrie “Eerie Acid”
11. Jared Wilson “Tracking”
12. Hannah Holland “Tweak” (feat. Josh Caffe)
13. B12 “Wobble Boarding”
14. Mark Forshaw “He’s Not There”
15. Jozef K & Wintersun “Hyggeacid”
16. John Heckle “Days Of Atlantis”
17. Chevron “CYPUPB~B”
18. Luke Vibert “Jeepers H Christ”
19. Transparent Sound “Dancing Eyelids”
20. Pye Corner Audio “Dead Ends”