San Francisco party-turned-record label Icee Hot has announced that it will bring its five-year run to a close over the coming months and will release its final 12″ early next year. Founded by Ghosts on Tape, Low Limit, DJ Will (formerly Rollie Fingers), and XLR8R editor Shawn Reynaldo in 2010, the Icee Hot parties built a reputation for bringing a diverse range of underground talent to San Francisco, often inviting rising DJs and producers to perform in the city for the first time. More recently, the party launched its own record label, tapping local artists such as Avalon Emerson, Bobby B, Roche, and Icee Hot resident Ghosts on Tape, among others, for a series of 12″ releases.

“After five years of running Icee Hot as a party and a label, we have decided to move on into new directions,” the crew posted to Facebook. “Throughout this experience, we have developed both musically and personally, all while remaining completely ineffective and unprofitable as businessmen,” the post continues. Icee Hot’s conclusion will not come immediately though as a trio of parties are still set to take place over the following months, culminating with a “28-hour marathon session featuring some of our very favorite artists from around the globe” which will serve as the group’s final send off in January. In addition, the 10th and final 12″ from the Icee Hot label will be a split EP from Soo Wavey co-heads Vin Sol and Matrixxman; entitled Daddy Issues, the record is expected to arrive in January. Icee Hot’s full announcement can be read here, while the flier for its next party—featuring D’Marc Cantu, Hashman Deejay, and Braiden—has been included below.