Steven Rutter (a.k.a. B12) has a new album out, titled Riddle Me Sane.

Many readers will remember Electro Soma, Rutter’s Warp Records album as B12 (a duo alongside Michael Golding). Released in 1993, the album is considered one of the blueprints for today’s deep techno sound.

The duo dropped another LP on Warp in 1996, followed by a self-released LP and EPs on the likes of Soma and Delsin. Soon after, Rutter took the project on as a solo artist, before moving on and deciding to release under his birth name.

The 10-track Riddle Me Sane LP, released via Rutter’s own FireScope, continues the much-loved B12 sound while pushing it into a more upbeat territory with cosmic melodies and sci-fi-influenced textures. Although it’s full of choice club cuts, the album has been “programmed to play as a continuous piece of music rather than a selection of solo cuts.”


01. Going Through Life
02. Swarming Module
03. In The Light Of The Moon
04. Intravenous Deception
05. LifeLine
06. Techno Prisoner
07. Ohm Sweet
08. InterScape Scene 3
09. Tear At My Flesh
10. Stuck In A Loop

Riddle Me Sane LP is out now and can be grabbed over at Bandcamp, with the album’s opening track streaming below.