IG Culture has released an album called Earthbound as LCSM “Likwid Continual Space Motion.”

The release comes out on Dutch label Super-Sonic Jazz Records, where the London musician released last year’s EP1, introducing the world to the afro-futuristic and forward-thinking jazz of the LCSM “Likwid Continual Space Motion” alias.

Across the release, interstellar instrumentals blur borders between funk, soul, and space-age jazz, while maintaining the “London Bruk Boogie” sound that IG Culture is recognised for. The album also serves as a score for the accompanying science fiction theatre production that goes by the same name.

The conveying message behind Earthbound is based on the work of author Zecharia Sitchin, who translated ancient Sumerian tablets that explain the origins of humans. The story revolves around the ancient people of Nibiru who return to earth, only to discover that the humans they had once passed down their knowledge to are now living in a world of chaos. LCSM “Likwid Continual Space Motion” translates this journey by using intergalactic live jazz fusion.

The resulting collage is a melange of live sax, alternating percussions sessions, Sun-Ra like piano lines, and otherworldly synth sessions. It’s produced in cooperation with Saido Lehlouh, Johanna Faye, and Summer Dance Forever Amsterdam.

IG Culture is one of the most important protagonists in catalyst of the UK’s broken beat jazz scene, which he refers to as “London Bruk Boogie.”

Super-Sonic Jazz started out as a series of events and shows at Paradiso, providing the contemporary Dutch jazz scene a platform. Shortly after the success of the events and the realisation that there is a new generation of jazz fanatics on the rise, a label followed.


01. More Brilliant Centre
02. The Box
03. World Order Is Chaos Pt. 1 (Future Wave) [ft. Demelza Toy Toy]
04. Weapon X (More Gems)
05. Earthbound
06. Ma’at Life [ft. Ghettolette String Ensemble]
07. Frequency
08. Alien Sphere [ft. Natalie May]
09. The Way
10. Piece of Mind [ft. Luke Wynter]
11. For the People
12. 12th Planet [ft. Ghettolette String Ensemble]
13. Soul In Yo Mind
14. Anuunaki
15. Unreal Rock
16. Bubbler [ft. Oliver Night & Natalie May]
17. Time [ft. Oliver Night & Ahnansé]
18. Let Me [ft. Natalie May & Neue Grafik]
19. Moor Jazz
20. The Word
21. World Order Is Chaos Pt. 2 (Outro)

Earthbound LP is available digitally and on vinyl now, with a stream available below.