Iglooghost, real name Seamus Malliagh, has released a two-track single on LUCKYME®.

Malliagh, who is Irish but based in London, makes untethered, detailed electronic music, throwing juke, footwork, punk, electronica, hip-hop, and pop into a blender and hitting infinity. You can read more about his work in his XLR8R feature here.

Collision Data / Diode, which is his debut on LUCKYME®, is a one-two punch, throwing you headlong into the frantic and meticulous world of Iglooghost.

The title-track sees Malliagh team up with Catalan composer Marina Herlop, as his rasping, whispered lyrics collide with bell-like vocals and an utterly relentless beat.

In “Diode Teeth,” Malliagh takes on the role of frontman as his voice ducks in and out of a sea of white noise and ticking percussion.

“‘Collision Data’ is a very fast song about germs and larvae. I made it with my friend Marina Herlop over the world wide web. The song was made on an illegal type of computer that runs on engine oil,” Malliagh says. “The other song called ‘Diode Teeth’ is an angry laptop punk song about hiding in a hydrothermal vent.”


01. Collision Data feat. Marina Herlop
02. Diode Teeth

Collision Data / Diode Teeth is available now. You can stream it below and order it here.