On August 8, Iglooghost will release Clear Tamei and Steel Mogu—the back-to-back follow-ups to his 2017 full-length debut Neō Wax Bloom

Although paired in format, the dual EPs draw from different corners of the British producer’s influences. Steel Mogu is described as a “hyperspeed collage of synthetic, trance-influenced synths contorting around violent, mutating 808s,” while Clear Tamei channels lavish string quartets and melancholic, fictional classical instruments. We’re told that both releases are set in Mamu, 3000 years prior to the events of Neō Wax Bloom

Iglooghost is the alias of Seamus Malliagh, who has quickly established himself as one of the most innovative electronic producers of the generation with his unique an outlandish blend of footwork, IDM, hip-hop, bass, two-step, and more within the bizarre cartoon-ish universe in which his stories unfold. He debuted on Brainfeeder in 2015, aged just 18. 

As ever, the releases are paired with original artwork by Iglooghost and multimedia storyline material that feed into Iglooghost’s ever-expanding narrative. 

Clear Tamei EP and Steel Mogu EP will both land on August 8, with “Niteracer” streaming in full via the player below. 

Iglooghost—Clear Tamei EP

August 8 (Self-Released)


01. Påleo Mamu

02. New Vectors

03. Clear Tamei

04. Namā

05. Shrine Hacker (feat. Babii)

Iglooghost—Steel Mogu EP

August 8 (Self-Released)


01. First Vōids

02. Steel Mogu

03. Black Light Ultra

04. Mei Mode

05. Niteracer