Iglooghost will release Lei Line Eon, his second album, in April.

Lei Line Eon is Iglooghost’s follow up to his breakthrough debut album, Neō Wax Bloom on Brainfeeder. The release is a product of the British artist, real name Seamus Malliagh, integrating his hometown of Dorset’s secretive tradition of Lei music, a mysterious sub-genre that “summons floating lifeforms,” he says.

The performance of Lei music has “extraordinary effects and while there is no clear explanation of why, some believe it could be related to a variety of properties unique to Dorset,” we’re told.

Alongside the announcement, Iglooghost has shared “Slyph Fossil,” the album’s second single. The track features glitch-heavy production as the foundation behind Iglooghost’s distorted vocals. It follows Eœ (Disk•Initiate), released last year alongside Iglooghost’s short film around Lei music.

Iglooghost is a UK artist who creates music, artwork, and puzzles that all gravitate around a fictional ecosystem of strange entities and tiny gods. Each of his releases expand on this universe through multimedia content, and Lei Line Eon is “sure to excite and intrigue listeners,” we’re told.

To learn more about Iglooghost’s working processes, check out his XLR8R feature here.

To learn more about Lei Music, head here to read research papers by Glyph Institute.


01. Eœ (Disk•Initiate)
02. Pure Grey Circle
03. Slyph Fossil
04. Light Gutter (feat. LOLA)
05. Big Protector
06. UI Birth (feat. BABii)
07. Zones U Can’t See
08. Amu (Disk•Mod)
09. Soil Bolt
10. Yellow Umbra

Lei Line Eon LP is scheduled for April 3 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Slyph Fossil” in full below and pre-order here.