Longstanding Hyperdub affiliate Ikonika has detailed a forthcoming EP for the label, slated for official release at the end of the summer. Titled Position (artwork above), the record reportedly exhibits “an almost 3-D sense of contrast,” striking a balance between “dusty, old-school sounds and shinier new ones.” The original tracks on the record capitalize on the London producer’s recent touring experience and are built for big-room dancing, while Perc and Alex Deamonds have been enlisted to rework tracks from Ikonika’s 2013 album Aerotropolis—”Mega Church” and “You Won’t Find it Here” for the upcoming effort.

Position drops on August 25 in both vinyl and digital formats. In the meantime, Ikonika’s own VIP edit of “You Won’t Find it Here” can be heard below, where the forthcoming record’s tracklist has also been included.

01 Position
02 Praxis
03 Strawberry Underlay
04 Wakeup Sequence
05 Mega Church (Perc Remix)
06 You Won’t Find it Here (Ikonika VIP)
07 You Won’t Find it Here (Alex Deamonds Remix)