When UK funky first broke a few years back, London duo Ill Blu was one of the initial handful of acts that received some serious shine. Nevertheless, following a flood of remixes in 2009, the pair’s output has subsequently slowed to a trickle, with only two singles seeing the light of day, 2010’s “Bellion” b/w “Dragon Pop” on Hyperdub and last year’s Meltdown EP on Numbers. Seeing as how the world hasn’t heard much from Ill Blu in the past 12-plus months, it comes as a bit of a surprise that the duo will soon be releasing a new effort, once again via Hyperdub. Slated for release on April 30, “Clapper” is a hyperactive piece of funky that’s full of shrieking, siren-like synths. On the record’s flip side, Chicago veteran Traxman applies the tune’s manic melodies to an even faster juke template. The “Clapper” artwork is below.