In tribute to his late older brother, Detroit hip-hop legend J Dilla, up-and-coming producer John “Illa J” Yancey has dubbed his forthcoming debut album Yancey Boys.

As previously noted, the album features the younger Yancey singing over beats made by his older brother that cover the years between 1995 and 1998 and were never used. After a recent move from Detroit to Los Angeles, Illa set to work recording the release, which he named after the studio in which it was made. The album is set to drop in November.

Yancey Boys
01 Timeless
02 We Here
03 R U Listenin’? feat. Guilty Simpson
04 Alien Family
05 Strugglin
06 Showtime
07 Swagger
08 Mr. Shakes
09 DFTF feat. Affion Crockett
10 All Good
11 Sounds Like Love feat. Debi Nova
12 Everytime
13 Illasoul
14 Air Signs

Photo by B+.