Ryan Hunn, also known as producer and DJ Illum Sphere, will return to Ninja Tune with his second full-length, titled Glass.

Glass follows 2014’s Ghosts of Then and Now LP, but sonically moves further in the direction hinted by his Spectre Vex and Second Sight 12”s. The reduction in output over this time stems from a conscious decision to carefully signpost a change in direction. This same shift has also bled into his DJ sets, leaving him poised to delve into a new phase.

“I wanted to make an album very different to the first,” says the producer, “one with a different palette, pace and energy.”


01. The Journey
02. Fall Into Water
03. Red Glass
04. Wounded
05. Oracle
06. Fuel The Fire
07. River
08. Thousand Yard Stare
09. Paradise

Glass is released November 4 2016 on Ninja Tune, with “Thousand Yard Stare” streamable in full below.