France Sauvage will release a new album on In Paradisum.

France Sauvage (“Wild France”) is Arno Bruil, Johann Mazé, and Manuel Duval playing electronics, synths, and drums. They’ve been working together for more than 10 years and there aren’t many stones in the European DIY venue circuit that they’ve left unturned as a band or under their other monikers, such as Descendeur, Le Cercle des Mallissimalistes, Rien Virgule, Ensemble UN, and Lord Rectangle.

They describe themselves as a “an actual electronic live music band” because they make music with no repertoire and no rehearsals, using a wide range of custom-built electronic instruments. Sonically, their music has strong ties to outsider art, sound collage, and dark wave.

Much of the band’s output has been live outtakes, sometimes including audience noise, but this release “feels recorded straight from a garage studio,” the label explains. “Surprisingly, it sounds more like a ‘proper album,’ a notion they would probably laugh at.”

In Paradisum, founded by Guillaume Heuguet and Paul Régimbeau in 2011, was inspired by a performance of France Sauvage in the legendary experimental music venue Les Instants Chavirés in Paris. “France Sauvage’s imagination probably and subconsciously helped define the lines of direction around the music which we’ve been publishing on our label since then,” Heuguet and Régimbeau explain.


A1. La folie chez les animaux
A2. Brex me down
A3. Les grandes heures du temps
A4. Un trou inacceptable
A5. Mec mec
B1. Azi Danza
B2. Un visage excessif
B3. L’or des nazes
B4. Parle-toi de nous
B5. Je suis sorti de ma maison

L’homme à zero is out October 14, with clips below.