It’s been about a year since Brooklyn’s sex-obsessed, vintage-disco tweakers In Flagranti delivered a proper single, complete with cut ‘n’ pasted photos of stark naked women, but a follow up to “Ex Ex Ex” is finished and prepped for release. “Through a Rabbit Hole” arrives June 14 from the duo’s Codek label, and shows the relatively subdued and slow-grooving side to Sasha Crnobrnja and Alex Goor’s production work. Crnobrnja said of the new single, “We were inspired by early cosmic songs we used to listen to, tracks that were a little more odd, and also less disco.” The motorik track also features a sultry vocal performance from the budding, nubile diva Natalie Smash, and is rounded out by a handful of remixes from Clap Rules, Moskow, Baldelli & Dionigi, and Deadstock 33.