Ose will deliver her debut album via her own Ghunghru sound imprint in September. 

With and Without is described as a “45-minute poignant meditation on vulnerability and an exhilarating exploration of the coming together of two discrete and far-removed worlds.” 

Ose trained as a Hindustani classical vocalist in New Delhi and possesses a deep knowledge of this ancient art. She’s been based in San Francisco for the last eight years but found her way into modular synthesis only a year ago. Using analog synthesizers, drum machines, and her voice, she crafts a lush interplay between Hindustani music and ambient textures, with emphasis on immersion, distorted rhythm, and disorienting glitch. All her previous work has come through Ghunghru. 

The album will premiere in Berlin in July at Golem, an immersive dance performance. The first of its kind, it offers a live showing in virtual reality viewable from anywhere in the world with a VR headset. The entire album will be danced to in the performance. 

Artwork and visuals for the album are by visual artist Aishwarya Vardhana.


01. I Feel Incomplete Without Sound

02.  Drown Out The Noise With Your Silence

03. Just Like A Dragonfly

04. Is It Love

With & Without LP lands September 5 via Ghunghru.