Indian Wells, real name Pietro Iannuzzi, will return with a new EP of “beautifully haunting electronic thumpers” next month. 

The EP follows last year’s warmly received album Where The World Ends, which channeled feelings of geographical, social, and political isolation across a range of artfully composed emotive electronic cuts. 

Pietro explains that Phase Transition deals with, as the name implies, transitions: “In my mind this EP is a transition from one state to another; with more straight episodes like “Closer,” a collaboration featuring Aroly Tariq of the Australian duo Audego, and tracks like “Math / Creation” and “Untitled” that are halfway between ambient and upbeat. These are moments of evolution and change that in this case indicate how my creative and production process using modular synths is changing as our lives change, transform,  and evolve.” 

Indian Wells previous releases include two albums on Bad Panda—Night Drops in 2012 and Pause in 2015—a single Racquets, and remixes for Ghostly International, Anjunadeep, Terrible Records, Bastard Jazz, Sekuoia, and Populous. 


01. Closer 

02. Untitled 

03. Math / Creation 

04. Phase Transition feat. Audego

Phase Transition EP will arrive on October 26 via Friends of Friends, with “Closer” streaming below.