Innovative Leisure will release a collaborative EP from Arjuna Oakes and Serebii.

Arjuna and Serebii are to musicians based in Wellington, New Zealand. They met in the summer of 2017 and become friends, and since they they’ve been working on music together. After years of collaborating indirectly on each other’s solo projects, the two decided to knuckle down and complete a project together, marrying Oakes’ skills as a songwriter, keys player, and vocalist, and Serebii‚Äôs skills as a beat-maker. The resulting EP explores feelings of heartbreak, self-discovery, and acceptance.

Alongside the announcement, the pair have shared “Even When You’re Gone,” on which you can feel the heartache and sense of loss, communication through Oakes’ vocals.


01. Holding Cell feat. Mo Etc.
02. Reset
03. Satellites
04. Tangello
05. Even When You’re Gone
06. First Nights

First Nights EP is scheduled for August 27 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Even When You’re Gone” in full below and stream “Even When You’re Gone” in full below.