Following on from Flight to the Moon, their first full-length album together, Dimi Angélis and Jeroen Search have are now set to release Flight to the Moon Revisited, their latest EP that redirects their debut album’s sound towards the dance floor.

When Dimi Angélis and Jeroen Search released Flight to the Moon back in November, they unveiled a story that was meant to be told from start to finish. As such, it didn’t feature a set of randomly ordered set-friendly tracks and atmospheric fillers.

Flight to the Moon Revisited, however, features the raw and uncut translations of some of the original album’s tracks as they were performed during an A&S liveset. Here are four, straight-to-vinyl transformative reworks, ready to be dropped in any set.

Ahead of the EP’s release on July 1, for which the two producers have once again adopted the A&S alias, XLR8R spoke with Dimi and Jeroen to hear their thoughts on their latest work.

A preview of the release can be streamed below.

The two of you have been working together for more than a decade. How did it all start? How have your friendship and working relationship evolved over time?

It all started when we got introduced to each other by Steve Rachmad back in the days, around 2000 and from that time on we kept in contact and found out we had the same thoughts on music. At one point Jeroen was already producing for some years and we decided it would be cool to try to do some music together and in 2003 our first release was born. When we are working in the studio together there is some natural magic going on, and it’s pretty cool that the magic is still there after all those years.

Flight to the Moon Revisited clear moves away from club sounds. Has this been long underway or did the album’s direction appear along the way? Also, as the tracks tracks on the EP are directly cut from your live sets, how easy was it to translate the album back to the club when playing live?

It took us more than one year to create this and in about eight studio sessions we recorded the complete album, playing a lot of synth parts live while recording the tracks.

The main inspirator behind this album is Jeff Mills – he basically told us to push ourselves in the studio and use a different aproach to techno music in a more conceptual way. Once he told us we started working out new ideas and the first sessions it felt a bit strange and weird but some sessions later we really got into this flow and it felt easier.

Once we finished the album and did the first liveshow containing the parts of the album we were both were impressed by the impact of it on the dancefloor when playing them uptempo in a club and so the idea of the new 12″ was born.

Flight to the Moon was the first release under the A&S name that you’ve been using as a label name since 2012. How does the output under this moniker differ from your releases as Counterpart or under your own names? You’ve also recently contributed a track to a 12” on DVS1’sMistress Recordings. Are there any more releases from A&S outlined?

We have been using the A&S moniker since we started the label and use(d) it on different imprints as well.

It’s kind of hard to tell the exact difference between Counterpart and A&S, it’s the same guys and more or less the same music, but for us it’s a different feel, really hard to explain. Under our own names we do our own stuff in our own way and style.

There are some releases and remixes coming up, for instance on imprints like Phorma and Chronicle.

Could you tell us a bit more about A&S Records? Will the imprint be focusing on your own productions or are you planning contributions from other artists as well?

We started A&S Records to have an imprint to release our own stuff mainly, as vinyl only. We already did have collaborations with S100 and Pär Grindvik and maybe in future more of this will follow but for now we don’t have concrete plans for releasing music by other artists on A&S records.


A1 – Reprise 01

A2 – Reprise 02

B1 – Reprise 03

B2 – Reprise 04