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As previously announced, the first ever Intrinsic Festival will take place in France this August.

Launched in London two years ago, Intrinsic has put on several events focussing on audiovisual and ambient themes. This summer, however, will see the first ever festival, to be held at Le Parc de Joséphine Baker in Castelnaud-la-Chapelle, France for a three-dayer this August.

Following the event’s announcement, the full lineup is now available.

Headlining will be Roedelius with Christopher Chaplin (live), Jan Jelinek together with long-time collaborator Masayoshi Fujita (live), and Astral Industries’ three-piece ensemble CHI Factory (live).

They’ll be joined by E/Tape, Shcaa’s live debut, SME (live); Dasha Redkina will be bringing her new project Zoya Zerkalski (live), and there will also be a performance by Baby Vulture.

In addition to this, there will be rare experimental sets from Nicholas Lutz and Praslea, as well as from Gwenan and Andrew James Gustav. Although popularly associated with club spaces, they are being called to deliver aspects of their work that are scarcely exposed and exhibited to the public.

There will be performances from Uruguay-based Melina Serser, Astral Industries’ founder Ario, Miss I (Romania’s first record store head), the Volks resident Vlada, and more, too.

Visuals are an integral part of the intrinsic events and extensive projection mapping pieces will be provided for the festival by Dreamrec, Coté, and Acca. They will be joined by Naturalgoritm, who will contribute installations and site production.

Included in the program are also artist residencies and live painting, daily sessions of Kundalini yoga and Vinyasa Flow, voice and mantra workshops, ceremonies, and healing arts.

The full lineup is below.


Roedelius and Christopher Chaplin (live)
Masayoshi Fujita and Jan Jelinek (live)
CHI Factory (live)
Andrew James Gustav
Baby Vulture
Gyorgy Ono
Katabasis (live)
Melina Serser
Miss I
Nicolas Lutz
Shcaa (live)
SME (live)
Zoya Zerkalski (live)



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Mantra Workshops, Ceremonies, and Healing Arts

Lani Rocillo
Laurelene Chambovet
Maxwell Reynish
Mukhande Kaur
Païkan Dancing Deer
Pietro Platania
Valentina Loyaco

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For more information on the event and tickets, head to the Intrinsic site, with a Q&A with the organizer is below.

A teaser video for this year’s edition is playable above, with a recording of Jan Jelinek taken from a previous Intrinsic event all below.

Intrinsic has a remarkable reputation. Can you tell us about the concept behind it?

The concept behind Intrinsic is elevation and healing through limitless experimentation with the arts. For the past two years, we have been presenting immersive audio-visual events in London taking form in the ambient/experimental field. By providing a welcoming space, high-quality sound, and carefully curated bookings, we aim to bring together like-minded people within an intimate setting.

Our events combine a mix of live performances, soundscapes, visual mapping (projected onto structures), art exhibitions, gong baths, and they seek to explore the endless possibilities of immersive art. For us, Intrinsic is just as much about vibrations, intentions, and the environment as it is the actual performances that happen. Everything is connected.

Previous events were small, intimate, and took place in London. Intrinsic is now making the move to France. Why the switch?

After being contacted about potentially putting on an event in Dordogne, the idea of a three-day festival suddenly became an exciting possibility to expand our concept. Following our first site visit, we realized how magical the space was, and felt strongly that this was the next step for us to take.

The Parc of Josephine Baker is an ideal place to deliver Intrinsic; not only is the park incredibly beautiful and surrounded by nature (neighboring the Dordogne river and overlooked by the Château des Milandes castle), but it’s also steeped in a rich history.

As a site that promotes the arts and culture and has previously held world peace talks, we felt aligned with the ethos and energy of the place. The park also has all of the amenities that are needed for such an event—a bar, music hall, restaurant, camping space, even a swimming pool—so really, we cannot think of a better place to hold what we hope to be a memorable weekend.

We will continue our focus on keeping the atmosphere intimate, with a capacity of around 400 and ensuring that audience and artists are close to each other.

The artists playing at Intrinsic are extremely supportive of you as curators. What do you feel makes it so special for them?

We offer artists, whether musical or visual, the freedom to experiment and explore their craft on a deeper level. Such trust and freedom allows for artists to both elevate themselves and the people they are performing to.

When sound and visuals organically blend in relation to each other, a whole universe opens up that people co-create and are part of. This new space of experience is only possible when all factors are aligned—the artists, the listeners, the space, and the collective energy. I believe these vibrations and intentions are recognized—both from the artists and the audience. Maybe what makes Intrinsic special for them is that this is quite rare.

The lineup features DJs as well as some of electronic music’s most respected pioneers. Who are you most looking forward to seeing play?

What can we expect from the DJs? I have curated a lineup with dear friends consisting of past, present, and future influences and inspirations. I am looking forward to each and every performance. Intrinsic is free of predictable performances. I don’t have any expectations. I hope each performance complements each other and brings its own unique atmosphere. What people should not expect is a dancefloor; besides this, the sound direction is a matter of individual character and response to our themes such as Peace, Earth, and Universe.

Aside from music, the festival has a strong visual element as well as workshops such as yoga and contemporary dance. How do they all combine?

Visuals and sound complement each other aesthetically to give us a more immersive experience, while well-being activities raise our awareness. This is the core of the project: sound, visuals, nature, and well-being. Yoga and the wellness workshops bring us closer not only to ourselves and our own bodies but also closer to nature. It bridges the gap in a world that seems to be increasingly separating humans and the environment.

There will be daily Kundalini and Vinyasa Flow yoga sessions in the park as well as voice and mantra workshops, and healing arts. We do not often consider our mental and physical state in relation to experiencing art, but it’s worth questioning whether these things can positively impact our relationship with sound.

Visuals are an integral part of Intrinsic and are just as important as the music. We have invited three talented visual artists who we’ve developed long relationships with to the park this summer.

In the right setting and circumstances, “performance” and “experience” can extend beyond the simple points of when the music starts and stops, and spending three days in this kind of environment makes the potential of this immersion a more powerful possibility.

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