The next EP on Perlon is by Ion Ludwig and Franky Greiner.

Dutch artist Ion Ludwig and Berlin-based musician Franky Greiner will release their first ever collaboration together on Perlon next month, under the guise of Alter Mahnn. Neither of the pair has ever appeared on the minimal-focussed label before. Ludwig’s numerous releases have appeared on the likes of Trelik, Meander and Lick My Deck, whereas Greiner has put out less music: alongside Daniel Ramm as Pikaya, and once in collaboration with Ricardo Villalobos.

The two-track EP, Junge Frau, will be the German label’s final release this year. It follows on from records by the likes of Binh, Maayan Nidam, Fumiya Tanaka, Margaret Dygas, and a label debut from Spacetravel.

Junge Frau will be released December 12. Stream snippets and pre-order it at Juno.


1. Ein Ganz Alter Mahnn (Brett Take)
2. Ein Mahnn (Dub Take)