Photo | Michael Rhebergen

Ion Ludwig will release Truth Only Exists In Paradise on Adam’s Bite.

Truth Only Exists In Paradise is Ludwig’s sixth album in total and first appearance on the Swiss label. It follows recent outings on Metereze, Perlon, and Trelik, where he released the Rolling Drama album last year.

The album comprises 11 of Ludwig’s signature grooves but finds him in expansive form, shining a light on all sides of his creative perspective. Between reduced, dusty techno tracks and languorous melodic arrangements, the album references jazz, trip-hop, and New York’s house legacy.

Adam’s Bite, based in Basel, Switzerland, launched in May with an EP from Swiss veteran Martinesque.

Almost all of Ludwig’s release have been exclusively vinyl, so this is a rare chance to own his work digitally.

For more information on Ludwig, read William Ralston’s extensive profile of him here.


01. Il Pleure Rythmique
02. Erodyca Melouse
03. Green Times
04. Faster Five Physics
05. IP Swing
06. S3K vs S1MK II
07. Think Music
08. Going O
09. Soul Vaseline
10. D-room
11. Kronkolonie

Truth Only Exists in Paradise LP arrives on September 25 on vinyl, with digital coming on October 9. Meanwhile, you can pre-order here, where you can also here clips.