Ion Ludwig has shared a new album, Hazeear.

Hazeear is Ludwig’s first album after 2019’s Rolling Drama on Trelik. Over 20 tracks, we can expect “forward-thinking electronics for freethinkers, now-do’ers, fathers and mothers, freaks and thiefs.” Ludwig describes it as “an essential micro-selection of music for gone-by-moments in time. For the empty headed and searching hearted.”

Much of Ludwig’s music has come exclusively on vinyl, so this is a rare chance to grab his work digitally.

For more information on Ludwig, read his XLR8R profile here.


01. Do Jazz Now—Extended Take II
02. Do Jazz Now—First Original Take O
03. Cold Cose Hearing
04. Dark Deci Nineteen
05. KNO—Strongiral Second B.ToolTake II
06. KNO—Suberginal Tertair ToolTake III
07. MDIL—ConceptJazz Take I
08. Ninja Jihaa
09. May 30th Find—Original WigTake I
10. It Cannot be a Melody
11. May 30th Find—Arpwig Take II
12. MDIL—Arcadic Take O
13. Sheppard-Glisset 4/4SupertoolTake I
14. Orchestral Image—Extended Ac.Take I
15. Richstreet Road—24House ToolTake I
16. Synt-ER-Claes—Nightsearch Quirck Take II
17. Synt-ER-Claes—Night SuperCrickleTechnoTake III
18. The Tens—Secundair JazzToneSpace Take II
19. The Tens—Tertair JazzToneSpace Take III
20. In Awe of Our Place—Sinfo-Orchestraight Take I

Hazeear LP is available now via Bandcamp only. Order it here, where you can also hear the music.