Ion Ludwig has announced a new vinyl-only EP on Lick My Deck.

“Im Kloster”—which translates to “in the monastery”—will be Ludwig’s third solo EP with the London-based imprint, following Clair Obscur [LMD006] and Mr. Nubilous [LMD013].

As official statement from Lick My Deck reads as follows:

“Over the years we have seen Ion grow and grow as an artist, and seen his sound develop and mature which was brilliantly summarized last year on his stunning album, Ghost To Coast. On Im Kloster, however, Mr. Ludwig spreads his wings wider, writing and performing vocals for A1, and delving further into his incredible studio to create a mesmerizing sonic masterpiece.”


A1. Now On The Ocean Sky Only Knows Back In The Mountain Is Where It Goes
B1. Im Kloster
B2. Fizmo Theme

Im Kloster is scheduled for May release.