After two years of recording, Jack Gibbons (aka. Ipman) is ready to release his debut LP, Depatterning, via the Bristol-based label Tectonic.

Unlike a lot of electronic producers, Ipman has decided against living in an urban environment and resides in his rural hometown of Herefordshire where he managed to craft the LP while “embracing the luxury of isolation.” Heavily influenced by jungle and techno, Gibbons forged his unique sound by staying true to his experimental mindset and relentlessly modifying the synths, drum machines, and various pieces of hardware that reside in his sonic laboratory.

The various sounds, textures, and colors of the album run wild but come together in a harmonious fashion to create a truly noteworthy release. You can view the track “Gravity” from his forthcoming LP below, and order a copy of Depatterning on Tectonic’s website here.