Photo: Jan Reiser

Isolee, born Rajko Müller, will release a new album.

Resort Island is the first album that Müller, a German minimalist house producer, has released in 12 years. He recorded all 10 tracks over the past two years, working night after night at his home studio in Hamburg. “Most nights I would work until I simply couldn’t hear anymore,” he says. “One by one, the tracks came together. Eventually I had a feeling, like, ‘Ah, the puzzle is starting to show its picture.’”

Conceptually, the release explores the morality of escapism and the tension between beauty and superficiality. It moves through minimalistic house, dub, disco, and ambient textures, and will land through Müller’s new label of the same name.

“In my early years, I was listening to lots of records and going out clubbing a lot,” Müller says. “I had a clear reference for what I was contributing to. Nowadays this is less the case. Also, for many years I felt I was competing with the expectations set by my early records. I don’t feel that anymore. But I still have the dancefloor in mind as a place where music happens, with the aim of triggering people’s emotions and imagination.”

Resort Island follows 2011’s Well Spent Youth album on DJ Koze‘s Pampa.

In the years since, Müller has released various EPs on labels such as Pampa and Tamed Musiq. His music has also appeared on Playhouse, Lawrence‘s Dial, Mule Musiq, and Maeve.


01. Coco’s Visa
02. Canada Balsam
03. Pardon My French
04. Con O Sin
05. Let’s Dence
06. Modernation
07. Rumour
08. Clap Gently
09. Tender Date
10. 7eleven2

Resort Island LP is scheduled for May 19 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “rumour” in full via the player below.