Israeli producer and vocalist Ziv Barashit will return in August with six tracks of lo-fi hip hop that blend intriguing lyricism, smooth beats, and chilled atmospherics.

Ziv is a 22-year-old singer, rapper, and beatmaker from Jerusalem. She has been making music since the age of 13, starting out as the lead singer and songwriter in an indie band. She then moved onto her own solo-work, and quit high school to study music full-time. 

As the years passed, Ziv became inspired by hip-hop and electro beats, and she soon found her own sound, an atmospheric compilation of beats, samples, vocals, and looped musical-phrases. Her debut EP surfaced in 2016, and she’s since released a secret, rough-styled lo-fi project as Sesame, and a full album, all in Hebrew, titled Dvarim Korim

Returning to full English, Near Mint is described as her “most honest and pure attempt” to create something “near mint.” Her sound has evolved into something whole and more mature, as she experiments with elements of rhythm and the sound of her own vocal. The songs describe both sides of the coin within relationships and love, represented by soft harmonies paired up with harsher vocals.

“As an audiophile and a true vinyl lover, I care a lot about my records’ condition. One of the most common ways to describe a record or any product condition is “mint” (perfect), and “Near Mint” (almost perfect). Just like me, just like all of us, we’ll never be perfect. The exception of being Near Mint was a big step for me to except myself. I used to push myself to perfecting and it costed my soul a lot. In terms of love and relationships, Near Mint describes both sides of the coin. Falling in love, rising in love. Love makes the world move but love breaks your heart.” — Ziv

Near Mint EP is out August 16, with new track “Fav Shirt” streaming below.