Istanbul-based Anıl Berk Çetin, better known as Badmixday, has signed with Dome of Doom for the release of his sophomore album, Goya.

Across eight tracks, Badmixday pushes forward with the lush instrumentalism of his maiden outing, 2017’s A Quiet Mind Awaits on Seattle’s Hush Hush Records. The release pulls pieces from downtempo, jazz, experimental electronica, classical, and instrumental hip-hop, and we’re told that the depth of Badmixday’s musicianship gives the record a “mature yet otherworldly” feel.

Goya is a potent amalgamation of sound where technically expansive song structures are given soulful palettes of color to represent the inner-self,” the label continues. “Nothing is wasted in the process.”

Badmixday began writing for Goya weeks after the completion of A Quiet Mind Awaits, and he finished the the record after relocating to a new home-studio in Istanbul this year. Across the record, he presents piano, electric piano, electric guitar, trumpet, violin, and clarinet, in synthesizer form. Most of the album’s percussion was recorded from various modern and vintage drum machines in Badmixday’s personal collection.

Unlike Badmixday’s debut, there is only one feature across Goya: Rijekä, one of Badmixday’s closest friends from Turkey, who appears on “Easy The Kid Not Anymore,” which you can stream below.

Conceptually, Goya is a personal reflection from the creator, serving as a “time capsule” to the life Badmixday experienced over the last three years with his family, collaborators, and close friends. The album talks about how and when Badmixday encountered Sufism and how he experienced it, especially with the help of his grandfather.

The artwork comes from Argyle Plaids, who adds another immersive collage piece for the Goya cover.


01. Lataif-e-sitta
02. Easy The Kid Not Anymore
03. Lesya Kurbasa
04. A Cardigan
05. Gani Babayani
06. Creatures Behind The Wall
07. Viola Section Melanium
08. After All

Goya LP will release on January 29 on limited edition cassette and digital formats. Meanwhile, you can stream “Easy The Kid Not Anymore.”

Artwork: Argyle Plaids