Ital Tek will release Dream Boundary, a new EP, on Planet Mu.

Dream Boundary is a short suite of five tracks that were made during the same period as Outland, but seemed to fall outside the album’s remit.

On this EP, things are less calm but more fiercely hallucinated. We’re told that “contrasts are turned up and everything is covered in a layer of grime,” and silence is used with sometimes “disorientating aggression.”

Ital Tek is the alias of Alan Myson, an English electronic musician based in Brighton. He’s released six albums on Planet Mu, the latest, Outland, coming in May.


01. Deletion Quarter
02. Dream Boundary
03. Wintered
04. Time Burns Heavy
05. Nocturn

Dream Boundary EP is available digitally on August 7. Meanwhile, you can stream “Deletion Quarter” in full below, and pre-order here.