Photo | Anneka Myson

Ital Tek will return to Planet Mu with Outland, his new album.

The UK producer, real name Alan Myson, wrote the album during a period of new beginnings following a move out of the city to a quieter space and the birth of his first child. During this time of self-imposed isolation, Myson recorded a huge amount of source material and spent months sitting up at night with his newborn, listening back and making notes on how the new record should take form.

The album brings together the extremes of Myson’s sound, contrasting roughened bass and beats with starker, more detailed atmospheres and emotions. The most beat-driven song here is “Deadhead,” with its gnarled bouncing bass, angular distorted melodies, and cavernous textures. You can stream the track below.

Myson found himself deprived of sleep for much of the writing process and this gave him a “renewed creative energy,” as he worked through the night and then into the daytime, “super-focused but exhausted.” Prone to audio hallucinations, he aimed to capture these distortions in his perception of pitch and time. You can hear these interpretations on tracks like “Endless” and “Open Heart” as melodies phase and slip out of time.

Myson’s last album, Bodied, came through Planet Mu in 2018.


01. Chamber Music
02. Open Heart
03. Deadhead
04. Reverie
05. Bladed Terrain
06. Diamond Child
07. Angel In Ruin
08. Leaving The Grid
09. Endless
10. Oblivion Theme

Outland LP is out on May 1 on vinyl and digitally. Meanwhile, you can stream “Deadhead” in full below and pre-order the album here.