When the folks at Italians Do it Better released the first After Dark compilation five years ago, that collection of demos, covers, and original tracks rekindled many’s interest in the all-but-forgotten sound of Italo disco. Now, we’ve gotten word that the Jersey City label will be putting out the second installment of that series, featuring both released and previously unheard tracks by acts from all over Italians Do it Better’s roster. Producer Johnny Jewel’s influence on the second compilation (as well as the label’s output) is just as palpable as it was on the first, with four of his projects—Glass Candy, Chromatics, Desire, and Symmetry—occupying at least half of the record, which also features contributions by Mirage, Twisted Wires, and Farah. You can grab After Dark 2 (artwork above), which will be released on both vinyl and digital formats, when it drops on October 15, and check out the full tracklist before then, below.

01 Glass Candy “Warm in the Winter”
02 Mirage “Let’s Kiss”
03 Desire “The Nightshift”
04 Appaloosa “Fill the Blanks”
05 Glass Candy “Pain Relief Is Fun”
06 Chromatics “House of Models”
07 Symmetry “Heart of Darkness”
08 Twisted Wires “Half Lives”
09 Glass Candy “The Possessed”
10 Desire “Tears From Heaven”
11 Chromatics “Johanna”
12 Farah “Into Eternity”
13 Mirage “Lucifer”
14 Glass Candy “Soft Celebration”
15 Chromatics “Looking for Love”
16 Glass Candy “The Price”