This September, San Francisco-based DJ/producer Claude VonStroke will release the first album for London’s Italoboyz on his Mothership imprint. Coming more than two years after Mothership unveiled Italoboyz with their first single “Viktor Casanova,” the duo’s debut release, Bla Bla Bla, is a nine-track affair of organic and electronic sounds colliding in the forms of jazz, opera, folk, house, and techno. In addition, John Coltrane samples, a 12-minute track of minimal techno-meets-tango, and live recordings from Tokyo are some of the highlights found on the Boyz’ forthcoming record. The tracklist is below.

1. Where is London?
2. Taka Taka Tashhh
3. Chinese
4. Edo Breiss
5. Techno Tower
6. L’anagramme
7. Bahia
8. Oh Mio Dio
9. The Pink Unicorn