Italian label Urashima will reissue the early ’90s Merzbow (real name Masami Akita) box set Metalvelodrome.

Japanese label Alchemy originally released Metalvelodrome in 1993 on a 4CD set. The album serves as a bridge between the atmospheric and bizarre landscapes of Merzbow’s first works and the hyper-aggressive power electronics that would evolve through the latter portion of his ’90s catalog. It forms the third volume in Merzbow’s Good Alchemy series, initiated in 1990 with Rainbow Electronics.

The reissue version is housed in a 4CD deluxe silver wooden box set, including laser engravings and cardboard wallets for the CDs. Merzbow has replaced live recordings found on the original version with content he captured this year at Munemihouse.

Stream an extract of “Armless” below, with ordering options for the 4CD set HERE.


Disc 1

01. Armless
02. Retro
03. G-Pot In Odd Meter
04. Morbid Dick
05. Polycain Type
06. Bluedelick
07. Untitled Mix 2
08. Scraping Metal Fetus No.1

Disc 2

01. Neon Worms
02. Traveling
03. No.3
04. HGL Made A Race For The Last Brain
05. Electric Moon Tum-Tik
06. Pink Surf Nitro
07. Scum Rider
08. Hitchhike To Kill

Disc 3

01. Die Fruchtbarkeit In Der Ehe / Another Crash For High Tide
02. Outtakes1
03. Scraping Metal Fetus No.2

Disc 4

01. Metal Man Has Hornet’s Whip
02. Zero In The Scream
03. Shanty Tramp
04. Necrogrinder
05. Smelly Brain