Alxndr London has dropped new mixtape, IV Merin, out now via AWAL

The UK singer-songwriter describes the exploratory, eight-track release as “a collection or anthology of prayer.” 

The mixtape opens with an introductory prayer from London’s mother. The further seven tracks are also prayers, for strength (“Mama Said”), understanding (“Father Blue”) and power (“EQ Basa”), amongst other things. Meanwhile the mixtape’s title is an ode to his heritage, with “Merin” translating to “four” in Yoruba and IV Merin being his fourth musical project.

Alongside the release, London has dropped “Talking Drum,” ‘inspired by gospel songs,” he explains. “I would hum and sing along to the hymns and African Spirituals. Talking drum is my prayer. I pray that the waves will receive and guide the diaspora back home. I pray that it is not too late for change. I pray that these strange, foreign lands are a thing of yesterday.”

London’s sound nestles somewhere amongst spiritual soul, electronica, and experimental music, with lyrics detailing politics, sex, culture, death, and religion.  Prior to releasing IV Merin, London has released three EPs in as many years, first emerging with 2016’s A Long Time Ago

IV Merin is available now via AWAL. now