Irish producer J Colleran, previously known as MMOTHS, has today shared a new track via Because Music.

“O+SOH” is a hypnotic sweeping soundscape with neo-classical allure. The release acts as a transitional opener for J Colleran (the J standing for Jack), which he explains “was always intended to be an introduction while drawing a line between what’s past and what is to come.” We’re told that the track “advances from his previous productions for a more assured direction in the cinematic ambient world incorporating a quartet into his new work.”

The release lands alongside sublime CGI visuals designed and directed by Nic Hamilton (famed for his work with Actress). “I worked with Jack’s cinematic long-form music to describe a journey across a world on the brink of change; simultaneously familiar and unsettling, innocuous and dramatic. The music’s beautiful cascading structures reinforce a steady and endless passing of time.” — Nic Hamilton

Recorded in The Meadow Studios in Wicklow, Ireland, his anticipated LP debut as J Colleran will be released on Because Music in summer 2018.

O+SOH is out today via Because Music, with the video streaming above.