J Dilla’s 2003 EP “Ruff Draft” was reissued on vinyl yesterday for the first time in eight years via Stones Throw Records.

The album was originally released in 2003 as the second official release on Dilla’s own label, Mummy Records. The tracks were eventually remastered and then re-released in 2007 by Stones Throw Records as Dilla’s third official solo album. Now, the album is available to purchase online in 12″ LP and digital formats via the Stones Throw web store. The label also released the track “Wild” as a 12″ single with a stellar B side of the song “Make’em NV”, and a 10 song instrumental version of the album titled “Ruff Draft Beats.” All tracks were orginally produced by Dilla in late 2002 and engineered by Dave Cooley & Kelly Hibbert from the original master tapes from 2007. The vinyl release includes original cover sleeve artwork by Jeff Jank.

You can hear snippets of the album and buy individual mp3s, or cop the entire vinyl collection, here.