Jabu will release Sweet Company, their second album, next month.

Jabu is the collaboration of producer Amos Childs and vocalists Jasmine Butt and Alex Rendall. In contrast to the Sleep Heavy, the Bristol, United Kingdom group’s debut album, on Blackest Ever Black, Sweet Company‘s deep, sedative soul feels like more of a lover’s outing than an unflinching exploration of grief. We’re told the release is optimistic, and that it looks outwards as well as inwards, influenced by trip-hop, dub, video-game soundtracks, nature, and shoegaze.

As before, however, Butt’s voice is a textural, painterly instrument, layered and blurred into abstraction, resisting the limits of language. Rendall, meanwhile, takes a more narrative, confessional, and pop tack.

Daniela Dyson, the British-Afro-Colombian artist, contributes her vivid, energising poetic mysticism to two tracks. Sunun also features.

The album is released via the group’s own do you have peace? label.


A1. Water Temple
A2. Slow Down ft. Daniela Dyson
A3. Lately ft. Sunun
A4. Pretend
B1. Selfish
B2. Paper Thin
B3. Blood Pink
B4. Us Alone
B5. Sweet Company ft. Daniela Dyson

Sweet Company LP is scheduled for November 13 release. Meanwhile, you can pre-order here and stream “Water Temple” in full below.