Next month, bass-loving Berlin trio Jahcoozi will be releasing Barefoot Wanderer, the band’s first full-length in three years and debut on Ellen Allien’s BPitch Control label. The multinational outfit first caught people’s attention as a sort of M.I.A. soundalike—the fact that Jahcoozi frontwoman Sasha Perera is Sri Lankan probably didn’t help—but 2007’s Blitz ‘n’ Ass album found the trio dabbling in electro and other clubbier sounds. With Barefoot Wanderer, they appear to be digging deeper into global rhythms once again, pulling in varied collaborators such as Kenyan dancehall crew Uko Flani, Belgian singer Barbara Panther, and (we’re not joking) Israeli clay pot percussionist Oori Shalev.

Barefoot Wanderer will be released on April 19 on BPitch Control.

1. Barefoot Dub
2. Zoom In Fantasize
3. Powerdown Blackout feat. M.Sayyid
4. Close To Me
5. Lost In The Bass
6. Speckles Shine feat. Guillermo Brown
7. Read The Books
8. Msoto Millions feat. Uko Flani
9. Barricaded feat. Barbara Panther
10. Watching You (Deadbeat Stalker Dub)
11. Wasteland