Tygapaw will release Get Free, her debut album, via N.A.A.F.I.

Tygapaw, or Dion Mckenzie, is a DJ-producer originally from Mandeville, Jamaica, and based in Brooklyn, New York. Through creating Fake Accent, an event series established to create safe spaces for the Black queer and trans community in nightlife across New York, Mckenzie was able to break into the New York club scene. This shift inspired her to move into founding an independent record label and a solo music career.

Since her debut release on Sweat Equity in 2017, Mckenzie has established herself as a force within the electronic music scene, with releases like Handle With Care and Ode to Black Trans Lives, released earlier this year.

Up next is Mckenzie’s debut album, a powerful project of self-discovery and a conscious effort to lead dance music back to the hands of its creators. It explores techno landscapes and Detroit dance vibes, with abrasive production that personifies the energy of the past 10 months and beyond, the Mexican label explains.

The release follows Gaika’s Seguridad and Lila Tirando a Violeta’s Limerencia on N.A.A.F.I.


01. Get Free Intro feat. Mandy Harris Williams
02. In Their Fear They Plotted Her Destruction feat. Mandy Harris Williams
03. Soon Come
04. Run 2 U
05. Ownland Interlude feat. Mandy Harris Williams
06. Untitled Fantasy
07. Magenta Riddim
08. Facety
09. So It Go
10. Ownland
11. Thank You feat. Mandy Harris Williams

Get Free LP is scheduled for November 13 release. Pre-order links and streams will be added as they become available.