James Blake, one of the UK’s most notable and prominent musicians in recent history, has taken everyone by surprise by releasing his third full-length LP Colour In Anything at 12 am GMT. After hinting at the album for over a year while occasionally throwing his loyal fans a new track from time to time, Blake finally released a seventeen-track album that currently has the internet reeling from it’s masterful sounds and exquisite production.

Originally promoting the album title as “Radio Silence,” the UK artist had ramped up promotional efforts on his BBC Radio 1 show after sharing the tracks “Modern Soul,” “Timeless,” and the dirty, grime-infused track “RPG,” with only the latter not appearing on the new album.

You can view the full tracklist below and stream the three tracks “Radio Silence,” “My Willing Heart,” and “I Need A Forest Fire” which features the illustrious singer/songwriter Bon Iver.

Stream the full album on Spotify here.

Purchase the album here.


01. Radio Silence
02. Points
03. Love Me In Whatever Way
04. Timeless
05. F.O.R.E.V.E.R
06. Put That Away and Talk To Me
07. I Hope My Life
08. Waves Know Shores
09. My Willing Heart
10. Choose Me
11. I Need A Forest Fire
12. Noise Above Our Heads
13. The Colour In Anything
14. Two Men Down
15. Modern Soul
16. Always
17. Meet You In The Maze