UK DJ/producer James Holden has announced plans to release his second full-length album a full seven years after the release of his debut LP, The Idiots are Winning. Called The Inheritors, the forthcoming record is said to be named after the William Golding novel of the same name, but what’s perhaps more interesting is Holden’s approach to crafting its music. The artist apparently produced the album with his extensive analogue modular system and his own self-coded software, the results of which are said to be inspired by ancient pagan rituals. “The environment I’ve spent a lot of time in over the last years—raves and clubs—is completely pagan: this totally natural human thing that happens on a deeper level than the conscious/rational,” Holden said. “The communal ritual. To me that’s what paganism refers to: the mystic, intangible and unquantifiable things.” He also points to The KLF, Elgar, ceilidh music, and pentatonic folk scales as influences, and keeping in the spirit of folk music, Holden recorded each track of The Inheritors in one take with no overdubs. Below, the album’s first single, “Gone Feral,” is available to stream before Holden’s Border Community imprint releases The Inheritors in its entirety—including “DJ tool versions”—on June 17. (via Juno Plus)