James Holden recently announced his third album recorded together with his newly-expanded band as James Holden & The Animal Spirits. The Animal Spirits will be released November 3 via his own Border Community label.

Following the announcement and the sharing of “Pass Through The Fire” and the joyously naive “Each Moment Like The First,” today he has shared the video for the album’s title-track.

The video is directed by Dan Tombs (who also contributes visuals to Holden’s expanded band live show) and stars dancer and choreographer Lucy Suggate clad in a neo-folk costume of colorful ribbons. The hypnotic video layers up multiple takes of Lucy’s unique improvised interpretations of album title track “The Animal Spirits,” where bestial howls of wind and brass collide with the ebb and flow of Holden’s arpeggios.

Speaking of the video collaboration Holden said:

“Lucy is a part of this record even though she doesn’t make a sound on it: she and I met regularly throughout the time I was writing—in dance studios and rehearsal rooms, her practicing her improvised dance, me practicing my improvised music to a perfect audience of one. This song became what it is in those sessions, her wildness was in the record before we made this film of it.”

The Animal Spirits will be the first full-length release from Holden since 2013’s The Inheritors. The band consists of longtime collaborators Tom Page (RocketNumberNine) and Etienne Jaumet as well as Marcus Hamblett, Liza Bec, and Lascelle Gordon.

Recorded live in one room in single takes and born out of the sheer unbridled joy of live performance, Holden’s third artist album The Animal Spirits is described as “the momentous culmination of a radical transformation, as the former trailblazer of the early noughties computer music revolution is dramatically reborn as live musician and bandleader.”