The Nashville-based UK soulman Jamie Lidell has just announced the details of his forthcoming fifth studio album, sharing a stream of its first single. From the sounds of “What A Shame,” it seems as if Lidell may be delving into new sonic territories on his new eponymous LP, as he eschews much of his soul-inspired sound to blur the lines between electro, rock, and pop. According to Warp, who will release the 11-track album on February 19 (February 18 in Europe), Jamie Lidell‘s origins lie where the artist’s last record, Compass, left off, but this time the material is entirely self-produced. While you await the new record, you listen to its first single (download it here) and check out the artwork and tracklist below. (via FACT).

1. I’m Selfish
2. Big Love
3. What A Shame
4. Do Yourself a Faver
5. You Naked
6. why_ya_why
7. Blaming Something
8. You Know My Name
9. So Cold
10. Don’t You Love Me
11. In Your Mind